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A new retail world is evolving…join the Marketplace revolution!

A Marketplace is a mechanism to create an ecosystem in which manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers are all a part. Global marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, Airbnb etc.) are predicted to share 39% of the total online retail market by 2020. 53% of online growth by 2018 will be driven by marketplaces.


So why is this?...Marketplaces help to give consumers what they want, when and how they want it.

  • Consumers like choice, superior experience and minimal search.
  • They like competitive prices and to feel confident and secure.
  • They also like convenient delivery and collection options.

This is where BikeZaar fits in. BikeZaar is a Marketplace dedicated to the cycling and triathlon market. It unites the best of the independent stores, combining stock into a single website. This gives consumers:

  • Access to the most extensive range of brands, products and services in a single location.
  • One site where they can buy from multiple stores and check out in a single transaction.
  • A place to compare products and services, prices and seller ratings.
  • Greater convenience with a range of delivery or collection options.

Importantly for you, as a Seller, BikeZaar promotes your store and offering to a wider audience. The increase in traffic and on site tools will help you to increase your sales, boost your cash flow and increase in-store footfall. Not only that, BikeZaar will help to reduce your costs from product sourcing to logistics and general operating costs. It doesn’t stop there, BikeZaar will introduce additional revenue opportunities through commissions on sales of products and services that you don't even necessarily stock or provide. It extends your catalogue, together with your revenue and earnings.

So what doesn’t BikeZaar do?...It doesn't aim to take away your existing customers; they will still continue to buy in your store and from your website if that is what they have done before.

BikeZaar aims to work with only the best of the independent stores, those that will add value to the network and ensure a first class consumer experience.

If this sounds like it could be for you, please register your details and we will be in touch…

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