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BikeZaar invites you to join our global community of bike shop owners - skilled, experienced and knowledgeable human beings who dedicate their lives to running bricks-and-mortar shops.

BikeZaar is a technology platform empowering the best bike shops to sell online, acting like their own website, but set in a community of hundreds of other independents.

Helping independent retailers

Together we help independents to compete with online-only retailers by offering customers what they want when shopping online, namely: an extensive range of brands, products and services; even greater convenience, utilising our combined store network as click and collect locations, as well as home delivery options; and, we also help to reduce costs, preserving margin or enhancing the ability to compete on price where necessary.

Customers can find everything within one site and checkout in a single transaction, knowing that they are also supporting local independent retailers.

"BikeZaar is a great way of bringing the independent sector together and will help us to compete online as well as encourage more people to visit us in store, and all without any risk." - Rob Pelham, Managing Director, Propel Bikes.

"Joining BikeZaar makes good business sense. There are no up-front fees or on-going commitment, just a commission based on sales which works out less than costs associated with my own online sales." - Paul Swinnerton, Managing Director, Swinnerton Cycles.

Key Benefits

  • Increase sales with a new risk free channel.
  • Extend your market reach and gain more online visibility.
  • Attract new customers to your shop.
  • New sales tools and opportunities.
  • Cut costs and improve margins.
  • Benefit from a range of additional services.

We need YOU to help US to help YOU!

Our aim is to have a bike shop partner in every region of the country as quickly as possible so that customers have a local ‘click and collect’ location.

As an incentive to join BikeZaar before we officially launch the site, we have an exclusive offer:*

  • Half price commission/fee for the first 6 months.
  • Free on-site advertising & promotional banners.
  • Free featured Seller status on-site & additional promotion via email & social media.

Selling on BikeZaar is easy. Simply enter your details below to register your interest.

* subject to meeting seller criteria. This offer applies to the first 100 shops registered and accepted as meeting the criteria.

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